What is a Silent Disco?

Each party attendee is given their own wireless headphone. The headphones are equipped with three stations, coordinated by varying LED colors. This way you can see which station is jamming the most. You can have 3 DJs and 3 different music genres all playing at the same time. You can switch between stations with the ease of a button! There is no noise ordaince to follow because there is no loud music say bye bye to screaming over one another to talk. The volume is controlled on each headphone. If you want to chat with your friend, just Simply slide the headphones off, and your free to have a normal conversation.  


People attending the event can switch between songs, picking and choosing what they want to listen to, how loud they want to listen to it, and how long they want to listen. Basically, you’re giving every person their own, personal DJ. You no longer have to worry about pleasing every musical taste, or at least hoping that people will enjoy the party. It may seem like conversation would be silenced since everyone is wearing headphones, but conversation actually flows at lot smoother, and at a lot more reasonable volume. People can start up a conversation about what song they’re listening to! The rise in popularity of silent discos are rapidly spreading through social media, leaving people wondering what the experience is actually like. So, your party will definitely be the most talked about event in your group’s social media for days. Guests can move about the venue without missing a beat. Our DJ system is already wireless and easily portable, giving each guest their own headphone transforms the meaning of having an event at any location. People of all ages can enjoy the music and the fun. If your event is kid friendly, the little ones will have a blast dancing along with the adults, but to the song of their choice. Perhaps the biggest reason why your party will be way better is because it will be unique. If you want a party that stands out and keeps people talking about it days and days later, then a silent party is one you should consider. 

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Dance On Party Everywhere's LED wireless headphone technology is the perfect way to add a unique and exciting  style to your wedding reception. Each headphone has 3 channels, your guests will be able to listen to DJs  simultaneous. D.O.P.E. can play sets or custom bride and groom created playlists. Our technology also ensures that you will not have to end your party early due to noise ordinances. Since guests at the reception have headphones on they can simply choose to remove their headphones and tune in to a quiet conversations.  


D.O.P.E.s headphones contribute to art by giving different sounds to your visual art pieces for the ultimate experience.  


Large international events, often leave a portion of its attendees blinded with significant language barriers. Dance On Party Everywhere has the solution to this problem! The 3 channel headphones allow attendees to listen to the event in up to 3 different languages, therefore providing a way for multi-cultural audiences to experience unity while enjoying the event. 


A silent disco is a perfect event for any cruise. People can enjoy different types of music in the same location at the same time with our 3 channel headphones. Our headphones also provide the perfect way to ensure that passengers can enjoy themselves well into the night without disturbing other passengers who instead desire quiet time to relax. 


Have you rented a booth to give demonstrations about your product or service to convention attendees? Our Headphones ensure that attendees can hear your presentation without noise pollution from nearby booths. By using a microphone and our transmitting system, you can ensure your audience will be able to hear you clearly. Your attendees will surely remember such a unique method of presentation and will appreciate the extra attention given to their needs. 


Dance On Party Everywhere does not limit to just silent discos we also host full live events. Dance On Party Everywhere can transform a live sound in to a silent event. This is all done in real time thus each person in the audience will have the same sound quality that the live performers experiences with their ear monitor. Silent discos are a great choice when multiple artists are performing simultaneously, wireless headphones reduces the number of sound systems needed and eliminates sound interference among different sets.